Q: I don’t need a full-time office. Can I only use the office one day per week?
A: YES. You can rent an office for a day, a week or a month.

Q: Can I sign a short-term lease?
A: YES. You can sign a lease on a month-to-month basis.

Q: Can I rent an office, cubicle or conference room without a lease?
A: YES. Offices, cubicles and conference rooms can be booked for a half or a full day.

Q: Can I share this office with my business partner?
A: YES. For a minimal charge you can split an office with a partner.

Q: Will I have access to my office 24 hours per day and on weekends?
A: YES. You have access to your office 24/7/365.

Q: Can I work late hours without the HVAC shutting down?
A: YES. The HVAC in our centers run through the late evening hours.

Q: Can my clients gain access to the building after hours for late night or weekend appointments?
A: YES. The buildings are equipped with key card systems for your access and dial code access pads for your guests.

Q: Is there sufficient parking for my visitors?
A: YES. Ample parking is available.

Q: Do you offer coffee services?
A: YES. We provide gourmet coffee for you and your guests all day long.

Q: Is conference room time included?
A: YES. Tenants are allotted free conference room time per their lease agreement.

Q: Will I be required to use your phone system?
A: NO. If you prefer to not use our phone communication system you may use your cell phone.

Q: Can I make international calls?
A: YES. We offer international call packages.

Q: Can I make conference calls from my office and/or the conference room?
A: YES. Our state of the art ESI phone system provides you with incredible ease of use. You can conference up to four people at a time from the comfort of your own office, as well as from each of the conference rooms.

Q: Do you offer virtual offices?
A: YES. We can tailor a virtual office package to meet your specific business needs.